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You can find guidelines for using this site, help, and answers to frequently asked questions here.


Any posts that are submitted to the site must comply with the guidelines outlined here. If you don't see what you are looking for, or have question, please contact us via the contact page.


Netunzel is a global news organization and content syndication service. It is news of the world you live in, created by you for people like you. Your content is visible live to people all over the world the moment you submit.

No, we do not track you or collect data on you and we do not store any data beyond what you have submitted to us in your profile and posts. We do not sell data to anyone and we do not share your data with anyone unless legally forced to. We take your privacy very seriously and you can read more about our privacy policy here


You do not need an account to read content on the site. You do need an account to submit posts and write comments.

You would need to be a subscriber to transfer money from Netunzel to your bank account.

The current subscription rate is $5 per year. You can start a subscription from your account page.

Please don't create multiple accounts of the same profile type. Suspected duplicate or dummy accounts would be removed and the creators may be penalized.

Automaton accounts are for bots, AI and other automated scripts. It can be a weather system, an alert or warning system, a chat bot or anything you can think of. If you would like to connect your Automaton to Netunzel, please contact us

The number at the end, makes your your display name unique. If you are giving out your name to someone, include the number so they can find you even if there are others with the same name.


Click the + sign at the top of any page and click the kind of content you'd like to submit. You would need to sign up for an account to create content, if you have not done so already.

Yes, there are two ways you can get paid. Other readers on this site can send you money if they like your content. Keep in touch with your patrons using log posts. If Netunzel's media subscribers pick up your story, you will receive 100% of what Netunzel earns from your story.

You need to select multiple files in the file browser window that opens when you click "Add files". On Windows, you need to hold down the Shift key and on a Mac you need to hold down the Command key as you select the files. If you click Add files again, after adding files, it would reset the files you had selected earlier.

Go to your account page and click "Posts". You can find your posts there and you can edit and manage them.

Deleted posts may sometimes remain in the system until it is purged. A purge is currently done on January 1st and on June 1st of every year. Don’t worry, your post is not publicly visible if you have marked it as deleted. You can undelete a post if it has not been purged.

Fresh shows content that have been newly submitted. It has not been checked by editors.

Active shows content that have been checked by the editors.

Stories shows Active posts that have been grouped by the editors because they are about the same story.

Trending shows Active posts that are currently popular with the readers. They are active posts sorted by number of views and votes.

Incidents is for content related to incidents such as accidents and disasters.

Politics is political content such as campaigns, elections, elected officials.

Science is for science and technology content such as new discoveries, inventions, astronomy.

Recreation is for content related to recreation and entertainment such as movies, sports and hobbies

Occupation is for content related to work and employment such as hirings, firings, wages.

Business is for content related to business and economy such as new products and services, mergers , acquisitions and stock markets

Life is content about to healthy living such as diets, fashion, exercise, lifestyle, illnesses and treatments

Machine is for content related to consumer and industrial machines and gadgets such as race cars, lasers, aeroplanes and smartphones

Nature is for content related to the living world like animals, plants, extinctions, discoveries, climate change

Global shows content from all over the world.

Local shows content shows content from a particular region or state. You can click local and type your state or region in the drop down box to set the filter. Click Global again to reset.

The copyright terms are detailed in the terms of service

In summary, for status updates, log posts and comments - You retain the rights and grants Netunzel a royalty free license to reproduce the content.

For news, interviews, discussions, reviews and memes - You assign all assignable copyright to Netunzel.


News is what you saw and heard. It can be anything, a car crash, a tree falling in your neighbourhood, a protest, a political campaign, your class graduation, a company event, pretty much anything you consider newsworthy is news.

As of January 20th 2021, these are the guidelines for news posts - News is what you saw and heard. Do not report gossip and rumors as news. Limit to facts. Do not add past information, flowery language, analyses, rants and opinions in news pieces. Be objective and do not omit details. Be fair, be neutral, be considerate, do not take sides and do not be judgmental. If you are quoting or referring to something you saw in the paper, a book, on the TV, or radio or on the Internet, give full reference. Include the newspaper's name, website link, radio or TV station and date and time. If you are drawing on someone’s reporting or press releases or statements, give them full credit and reference properly. If you are interviewing someone, include their full details and their quotes in full. If possible. Get more than one source, whenever possible. Always ask for a comment from everyone you name, and give each of them a reasonable amount of time to respond. They might surprise you with a new fact, or a new perspective. You cannot take money or gifts from anyone you write about. If you do take money from someone you write about, you must fully disclose it, and explain why it has no bearing on your story. When writing about criminal charges, be specific. Did the accused plead not guilty? Say so. Deny the allegations? Say so. If whoever committed a crime is not known for sure, or has not claimed or pled guilty, do not write about who is suspected or alleged. If the authorities have apprehended someone for a crime, until he has been convicted, the crime is alleged. If someone’s race, ethnicity or age isn’t an important part of the story, leave it out. You can only use profanity and derogatory names in quotes, and when relevant. When covering criminal stories, try to avoid the names of children. The definition of children is as defined by the laws of your locality. If referring to a list, include the full list or provide a reference to find the full list. If you do not have the full list, say so. Do not identify a person unless it is known for sure. If a witness or someone else has identified the person, then include the witnesses name as well. When adding photos, do not mark gruesome photos as the thumbnail. Do not add sexually explicit or lewd photos. You must censor the pictures to remove male and female sexual organs and breasts of females if the picture is relevant to a story. If you are reporting on a press release by a organization or a government, please include the press release, an image of it or a link to it. Do not manipulate images or video except to censor regions as described above. Do not upload images and videos that have a watermark on it, except when the owner or user of the watermark is referenced in the story. Do not copy other people's work and submit as your own. No fabrications. Get caught, and you're banned forevermore.

As long as your content meets the Terms of Service and the guidelines for news, we would not censor it.

Our editors may edit your post to correct spellings, grammar and improve the heading, so you would not need to worry about them. An editor would not change the meaning of your news post.


An Interview is a structured discussion in which the interviewer asks an interviewee a series of questions to which the interviewee provides answers. The interviewee could be a person or a group of people.

Anybody you are interested in or you think has an interesting story, an interesting cause or information. It can be anybody, a janitor, a teacher, a shop keeper, an environmentalist, a businessman, a politician, a celebrity, an athlete, etc. People who do interesting things, have interesting hobbies or jobs or have strong viewpoints always make good candidates.

Think about what you want to know from the person and write down your key questions in advance. You can always ask follow up questions to what is said during the interview to get details. You don’t necessarily need to conduct the interview how current media does. Think of what the average person would like to know about the person you are interviewing and try to ask questions to capture that information. Try to get a unique perspective by doing things your way.

As of October 7th 2021, these are the guidelines for Interview posts - The Interview can be written or in video form. Always get permission from the person you are interviewing. Make sure the person knows the interview would be on Netunzel You can find people to interview on twitter or Facebook or through email. If you know them in person, you can ask directly. Be polite and explain as briefly as possible what you want to talk about and how the information they give you will be used. You can do a written interview by emailing the questions, or you can do an audio interview recorded on your phone, or you can do a video interview on your phone or camera. The interview cannot be anonymous. Whether written or in video, the interviews must state the full name of the person being interviewed. The only exception where anonymity would be acceptable is if there is a dire need for anonymity, as in the case of a whistleblower, where the interviewee legitimately fears reprisals or threats. In this case, sufficient information must be provided in the interview to authenticate the person's position or role even if they don't personally identify themselves. When doing an anonymous Interview, mention the reason in the interview and use the name "John Doe" or "Jane Doe" in place of the person's name and use the person's role in as the subject when posting the Interview. If it is a regular person and the person does not want to be identified, then it is best to skip interviewing them. Please include at least 4 or 5 questions in the interview and a length long enough to capture the story that you are after. If you are doing an audio or video interview, remember to edit it to remove the unnecessary bits and keep it concise. You can use Audacity software for editing audio interviews and OpenShot, Kdenlive, or Shotcut for editing videos. All are free and open source software. Use MP3 file format for audio and MP4 file format for video. If you need any technical assistance, use the contact page to let us know. Do not post false interviews or falsify answers. You would get banned if you did so.


Discussions are topics you want to discuss with other readers. It can be your opinion, it can be a rant, it can be a question. Other users can put in thier thoughts via comments.

There are no guidelines other than meeting the terms of service. Anything you want to tell and discuss with the world can be a topic for a discussion.

Yes, an editor can edit your discussion to fix spelling and grammar, etc. They would not change the meaning of your post.


Logs are short status updates. You can use logs to update your fans and contacts of your current status.

Go to thier profile page and click "Add as contact". You can click their name in a post or search for them by name to go to their profile page.

Go to your account page and scroll to "Contacts". You can see the people who want to connect with you in the "Connect Requests" list.

Go to your account page and scroll to "Contacts". You can remove a contact by clicking "Remove".

No, they will not be notified.


We have a very large selection of categories, and subcategories you can review. From restaurants, movies, actors, towns, foods, medications etc. You can review your home even.

You can review anybody who is a public figure. So, if your boss is an executive in a public company, then you can. If your boss is in a private company then, no.

You can edit your review if you have saved it as a draft. However, if you have submitted it to the editor, you cannot edit it.


Go to your account page and click "Wallet" and then click "Top up" in the Wallet page. Every account receives $5 free that you can use to run ads with.

We charge $.10 per day for an ad. You can set your budget for the ad when you create the ad.

They can contact you via the internal messaging system. You can put any additional method you like, a website link, an address, a phone number or email address. Please be careful if you are listing your address.

Ads with the following items are restricted and would be rejected.

  • Ads showing alcohol, drug use, smoking and vaping or products used for such activities
  • Tobacco products, alcohol, recreational drugs, psychedelic substances, hookahs, happy hours and places where these are predominantly offered such as bars, marijuana dispensaries and hookah lounges
  • Personals
  • Gambling, gambling games, lotteries and places where these are predominantly offered such as casinos
  • Dogs, sharks, pigs, boars and endangered animals
  • Ads for items made from frogs, toads, lizards, whales, elephants, rhinoceros, sharks, turtles or endangered animals, trees and plants
  • Items and services that are illegal in the targetted locality of the ad
  • Bail bonds, payday loans, crytocurrency and multi level marketing schemes
  • Pornography, escort services and obscene materials and services
  • Ads that are misleading, making false or patently untrue claims
  • Ads for products that contain genetically modified organisms (GMOs) but does not contain a statement to the effect that it contains GMO's
  • Ads showing under age children or other persons who cannot legally consent to be in the ad
  • Pesticides, herbicides and other agricultural chemicals that are harmful to humans
  • Ads showing nudity, partial nudity or prominently featuring male or female sexual organs, buttocks or female breasts


Anything you like. A funny joke, an interesting picture or video, an interesting thing you found, or even an actual meme. If you liked it, there are others who would like it too, so share it with them.

There are several meme generators you can use online.


There is no guidelines for good comments. You are free to voice your opinion. A good comment provides additional information or viewpoints either for or against the subject of the post. It is helpful and helps the reader understand the situation better. Comments that are intended to derail or disrupt discussion and the kind of comments described below maybe removed.

The following type of comments may be moderated or removed

  • Comments that violates the terms of service
  • Spam, advertisements and links to questionable websites
  • Repetitive comments
  • Comments that are not relevant to the subject of the post
  • Comments placed by shills as discerned by Netunzel's moderators
  • Comments placed by hired Internet commentators for the purpose of manipulating public opinion and or disseminating disinformation
  • Comments placed under astroturfing and social, state, political, corporate or industry internet propaganda campaigns as discerned by Netunzel's moderators
  • Excessively rude, obnoxious or threatening comments
  • Comments criticizing the poster personally instead of their opinion

Content Purchasing

You can link to posts such as news, discussions, interviews, reviews, memes, logs, or profiles. Please do not link directly to images or videos.

To reuse content from Netunzel, you would have to purchase content under a non exclusive license. To purchase content, you would need a verified content buyer account with an active subscription. The content buyer subscription is $2,400 per year.

All content purchases have to comply with Netunzel's terms and conditions for content purchase and reuse

Sign up for a new account and set the profile type to "content buyer". You can then have the account verified with Netunzel. After your verification is complete, you can start the annual subscription. After the subscription is started you can purchase content on Netunzel.

  • Image with logo - $30
  • Image without logo - $40
  • Video with logo - $40
  • Video without logo - $50
  • Article text - $40

These amounts are 100% passed on to the content creator.

Content Producing

We can carry any content you can produce that meets Netunzel's content categories and terms of service. If your production has a significant budget or requires significant effort, it might be a good idea to check with us to make sure they comply with the terms before you start. That way, we can eliminate the chances of it being rejected by the editors. Reach out to us using our contact page.